Listen to what our customers have to say about us:


"It's a 9 hour drive for us from the San Francisco Bay Area to Junction City, Oregon, and worth it to us for the knowledge and quality of work this man gives us on our 2006 Inspire. Bob Vinson has about 2 decades of Country Coach experience, various jobs with the company including being the key trouble shooter for the customers. Kevin Waite referred us to Bob for some service and I am grateful to him!


Bob has done everything from engine work to appliances, to carpeting to setting us up to tow and done it for us superbly.


We were recently alongside a beautiful older CC in an RV park in Colorado and I complimented the owner on his rig. He told me there is only one guy he has work on it, and it's Bob Vinson. That's a statement that pretty well says it all.


But there is a little more: in addition to his fine work and knowledge, he is honest, straight forward, and his care about his customers shows.


A footnote: although my wife has driven every coach we've owned, this one intimidated her and she never had been in the driver's seat. Bob told me to relax in his office, and he took her for a first go as the driver. She came back smiling, and now she is a driver.


Bravo Bob!"


~ Michael, San Francisco, CA



"I want to formally thank Bob for the fine work that he performed on the leaking sink drain flex hose on my coach. His charges for the job were more than reasonable, especially when considering the extremely close quarters that he had to work in. I also appreciate the gratis work he did on my dash A/C. His sage advise is invaluable.


"Also, I especially appreciate that he did not complain about me hovering over his shoulder and pacing like a lion while he was working. I had total confidence that he knew what had to be done to effect the repair, but I was hovering both to offer any assistance he may have needed to possibly save time and effort, and to marvel at his expertise and learn all I could about his techniques. I will express my accolades in the Country Coach Forum at every opportunity!

"I'm also very impressed with RCV's new shop facilities. His plan is well thought out and very professionally executed."


~ Daron Hairabedian



"Bob is my ' go to person ' -- he does great work, and is always willing to give help and advice over the phone."


~ Dixie Snyder, Escondido, CA



"We needed to upgrade the digital dash on our 2005 Country Coach Lexa, and Bob was the man for the job. He installed the Silverleaf  System, and from the moment we left the shop, everything  worked perfectly.  It's a tremendous  relief to now have a reliable system we can turn to for monitoring  engine performance and tank levels. Country Coachers out there: You need to do this! Bob delivered as promised, and we couldn't be more pleased with the job he did!"


~ Eric & Teresa Peterson, Escondido, CA



"We had Bob do numerous upgrades and repairs for our 2005 Country Coach over the last few years. His dedication and professionalism is exemplary. His shop was always ready for us, and our coach was always finished on time."


"From solar installation, shades, and carpet replacement to numerous smaller issues, RCV Custom Coach came through. We highly recommend RCV Custom Coach."


~ Kent & Patty Kirby, Lake Tahoe, CA.



"We would like to thank you for your professional service on fixing the hydro hot heating system on our motor coach. You took your time to work on it the first time to see what the problems were without hurrying. After several hours of trouble shooting you explained what the problems were and what parts would need to be ordered to repair the unit. I'm sure I asked crazy questions but your patience in answering them was reassuring that you were the professional I had been looking for to repair this unit. Thank you for answering all my concerns. On your second visit you arrived with all necessary parts and repaired the unit in record time even though the weather was rainy and windy.


Bob, thank you for your professionalism, and I will certainly recommend you to those here in the RV Park who might need your assistance."


~ Teddy & Star Walters, Salem, OR




"4 years ago OMC installed Road Kings, but they were set up incorrectly. I mentioned porpoising to Bob Vinson when I was at his shop in Junction City in July, he test drove it, and called Road King. We live in Steamboat Springs, CO and Road King's marketing and engineering Dept. is inMontrose CO. We visited their shop with our 4 year old problem. They were gracious and removed all of the shocks and ran them through their testing equipment. They supplied me with graphs showing the problem, corrected the problem, no charge, and thanked me for bringing this to their attention. The coach drives and rides like a dream. I highly recommend Road Kings after this very positive experience. I also highly recommend Bob Vinson and RCV Custom Coach in Junction City."


~Jack McEncroe, Steamboat Springs, CO



"We have chosen to work with RCV Custom Coach over local companies simply because of the quality of their work, their reliability, and their willingness to truly listen. More than once, they have come to our rescue both on the road and at home. In addition, their creativity in upgrading to our specifications is impressive, and always results in our satisfaction. We cannot recommend them enough!"


~John & Cathy Lamb, Blanchard, ID



"We have had the pleasure of knowing Bob Vinson for over 12 years. He is a man of integrity and many skills. Plus Bob is genuinely a very nice person who cares about the work he does being done right. We are happy to call him a friend. During the past 12 years Bob has worked on all three of our Country Coaches, finding simple problems and complex issues. He has been able to fix anything wrong and done so with a high quality of workmanship. Thank you Bob for all that you have done for us and in advance of fixing issues we may have with our coach in the future."


~John and Bonnie Kearsing, Indio, CA



"We used Bob to upgrade our TV dish to HD and compatable with Direct TV. He also replaced and custom fitted a new 37" Samsung flat screen where the old TV was in the front of our motor home without any problems. The man knows what he is doing!"


~ Gary Nudson, Colorado Springs, CO






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